We are planning steady development of computer game enjoyable for many people.
We are the company realizing "Fun!" in smartphone.
Let's disappear by grouping shapes! You should be crazy about this intellectual game too!
Confused Escape2 Quick
Attempt to clear the puzzle stage with the wisdom and magic!
Confused Escape3
"CE 3 from Clone" is a simple operation with semi-automatic.

A simple game : Dodge and jump over logs and wolves.
Touch all 16 panels in order and compete for time.
Touch fallen apples before they disappear to get as much points as possible.
A simple game: flick on the flywheel as much as possible within a limited time.
A simple game: touch the animal panels in order and compete for time.
This game can make, play and enjoy a map of the "Confused Escape 2" freely.
This application is the game which makes stick man escape from a puzzle maze.
You can enjoy atmosphere of quiz program!
*Japanese version only
This is a simple Slot Machine. The how to play bets and turns the coin.
An action puzzle game featuring motion sensoring.
For you, which girl is a favorite?

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